receptionQuestions to Ask When Visiting a Potential Reception Site

_____ What is the rental fee? What exactly does it include?

_____ What is the maximum attendance the room or area can handle  for a seated dinner, buffet, or hors doeuvre reception?

_____ Is the reception site to be shared with another wedding group? How are the facilities divided? How is privacy ensured?

_____ For how many hours does the rental fee reserve the space? Are there charges for overtime? When do they begin?

_____ Are there any restrictions on when the site is available? Any price discounts for certain time periods, days of the week?

_____ Do you have a piano, other musical instruments on the premises? Is there any charge for use?

_____ Are there any regulations concerning the type of music; number of musicians; duration of the music?

_____ Are there regulations on decorations, flowers, photography?

_____ Do you have air-conditioning (for warm weather weddings)? Adequate heating (for winter and early spring nuptials)?

_____ Do you have an in-house caterer or preferred list of caterers? Can I bring in the caterer of my choice? What are your liquor requirements?

_____ Do you have any liability insurance in the event a guest is injured?

_____ Do you have enclosed, adequate kitchen facilities? (Caterers may add surcharges for appliances  a stove, refrigerator.)

_____ Can the site be used for the ceremony?

_____ Is there a dance floor? Is dancing allowed? Where?

_____ Are there any additional charges for required services (i.e. security guards, parking attendants, doormen, lawn workers, etc.)?

_____ Can you confirm the reservation in a letter that will outline all the details, including the room assignment?

_____ What are the deposit and refund requirements?

_____ Is there adequate parking for my guests? Will they be charged? Can these charges be waived?

_____ Are there rooms available where we can change into wedding attire, going-away clothes?

_____ Do you have a microphone?

_____ Can we review staging, lighting, audio and video needs?

_____ Is there a comfortable area for guests to await our arrival from the ceremony site? Will hors doeuvres, drinks be served?

_____ Where is the best place to set up the receiving line?

_____ What is the name of the banquet manager? Will he or she be on hand that day? If not, who will be in charge?

_____ Is a security deposit required? How much is it? When can I expect a refund?

_____ Do you provide tables? Chairs? What kind  round, oblong, how many to a table?

_____ Do you have a floor plan available for sketching the reception layout? Where will the cake table, gift table, brides table be located?

_____ Are table covers/skirts available? Colors available?

_____ What are the colors of the facility?