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Tips for the Toast

wine-glass-250546_1280Think about what makes your relationship with the bride and groom so special: the way you met, your shared interests. Is there an anecdote or sentiment that sums it all up?

If you could make one wish of happiness for the newlywed couple, what would it be?

Pick one message for the toast: love, commitment, relationships, friendship, etc.

Keep your message brief 1-5 minutes should be sufficient.

Speak loudly and clearly, and remember that everyone in the room shares your sentiments and feelings.

This is a chance to say some things that mean a lot to you about people you care about.

Write a speech to practice, speak it out loud so you can hear how it sounds. Practice it often to become familiar with it.

Its the waiting thats most likely to make you nervous, remind yourself of that and that this is the warmest audience you will ever have.

While youre sitting, repeat your first line to yourself so when you get to your feet and the room goes silent you will be ready with the line youve been repeating. Youll find the rest just follows.

Booking The Ceremony

wedding ringsAt this point, it must be assumed that you have been able to choose a wedding day that is convenient for the church/synagogue of your choice and for the reception facilities that you prefer.

Check on the following:

  1. Does the church/synagogue have any special rules or traditions that you should know about? Can you write your vows, personalize your ceremony? What are the parameters?
  2. What will be the time limitations on your wedding day? Is there a ceremony preceding or following yours? This should be checked again, two weeks prior to your wedding date.
  3. Is there a lounge or other setting suitable for photographs? Is there a rest area where other members of your party can relax, should there be some unforeseen delay?
  4. Who will be your musician? Are you allowed to provide your own musician? Soloist? Music selections?
  5. What kind of monetary obligations are there? Are you expected to pay for wedding ceremony services, or is a donation more traditional?
  6. If your ceremony is to be held somewhere other than a church/synagogue (a hotel for instance), what are your obligations to the officiant?
  7. Is it acceptable to tape record, video or to take flash pictures of the ceremony? Are there facilities for this?
  8. Aisle runners and length of aisle what is available and do you wish to use them?
  9. Where are the flowers to be positioned? What is the best time for them to be delivered? Are there candelabras, candles, unity stand available?
  10. Are there to be any special seating arrangements for close family members and friends? How is this to be handled?

Once you have the answers to these questions, make a note of them. WRITE THEM DOWN. They will be used and discussed later with your ceremony co-ordinator.

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