wedding invitation 8 Months: Start looking for invitations. Begin compiling your guest lists and collecting addresses.

6 Months: Order invitations. Making sure spelling is correct, know to whom your response cards are being returned, have the correct return address and zip code, and have the event time. If using a calligrapher or other people to help address your invitations, order an additional 10-15% outer envelopes.

4 Months: Start addressing invitations, doing a few at a time. Hire a calligrapher if you are going to do so.

3 Months: Recheck guest list to make sure you have not forgotten anyone.

Send out all the invitations.

2 Weeks: All responses should be in. (Caterer will need a final count.)

Set and reserve the time and date for the wedding. Follow this ideal time frame to order and process your invitations prior to your wedding.