wedding musicSelecting the right band for your wedding reception is crucial to the success of the event. Music is the glue that holds everything together and sets the mood for your reception. Selection of the right band can be a challenge. The quality of bands varies just as the quality of bakers, florists and photographers do. The following should provide you with some tools to help you select your band:

Is the band made up of dedicated, experienced professionals? Will they tailor their performance to fit the musical tastes of your family and guests?

How is their reputation, and will they supply references?

What is the bands uniform (formal, semi-formal or casual)?

Is their equipment Hi-Tech or State-of-the-Art?

Be leery of tapes and videos you may be presented. Audio and visual materials date quickly and are one dimensional. They can be altered to enhance the sound. Ask if the members in the tape are still the samePersonnel changes could make for a completely different band than what you thought you were hiring.

Music fees are determined by the size of the band (number of musicians), length of engagement, experience, and the amount of original music you request to be prepared for you.

Get it in writing!!! Reputable professionals will require a written agreement specifying all terms and fees (for the artists and your protection), and a retainer to reserve your date.

–Larry Wojcik