Close up of bride and bridesmaids bouquets


Tulips – The favorite flower of spring. Available in parrot and traditional shapes in a variety of colors and bi-colors.

Lily of the Valley – Fragrant, tiny white bell shape flowers on a slender, short stem.

Hyacinth – Very fragrant, tubular bell shaped blooms clustered on a robust stem.

Narcissus – Daffodils, in yellow, orange, white and bi-colors, some fragrant & some not. A true sign of spring.

Lilacs – Fragrant, lavender and purple tiny star shape blooms, clustered on a woody stem creating a cone shape bloom.


Hydrangea – A popular garden shrub bloom. Large ball shape blooms in blues, pinks, green & jewel fall tones.

Dahlias – Dramatic, round pom pom bloom, a variety of vibrant colors.


Sunset Leucadendron – Rust/burgundy colored leaves that create a protea shaped bloom.

Pepper Berries – Grape like cluster of mauve pink berries, with delicate weeping foliage.

Safflower – Thistle like orange blooms with multiple blooms per stem.

Chrysanthemums – Available in large showy blooms & sprays of small blooms. Winter

Star of Bethlehem – White star like blooms on a sturdy allium type stem.

Ranaunculus – Small, delicate, papery flowers.

Freesia – Fragrant, popular bell shaped blooms on a arched stem.

Stephanotis – Waxy, white, gardenia scented, small star shaped blooms. Often used in Bridal bouquets.