Over the past decade there has been a move from the traditional wedding scene into a more unconventional, make-it-your-own sort of ceremony and reception. These days, it seems that if you aren’t adding a unique and personal theme to your wedding, then you’re doomed to the label of unmemorable. And so if you’re leaning more towards fun and distinctive and less towards the standard, here are some of the most striking and playful wedding trends.

Old World Glamour

Think: Lace, Long-Sleeve Gowns, Damask Decorations, Chandeliers, and Classic French Cooking

You’ll feel like your stepping back into France in the 1700’s, and with destination weddings becoming popular in more than just tropical paradises, you might just find yourself at an ancient castle or picturesque villa in the South of France! With the bridal party sporting dresses that Marie Antoinette would have been jealous of, such opulence and a vintage, European feel will make your wedding the most romantic of the year.

Country Chic

Think: Cowboy Boots, Renovated Barns, Mason Jar Lights, Southern Cuisine, and Fern Centerpieces

For the Southern Bell who wants to feel in her element, this whimsical theme celebrates the best of the south. Typically, a smaller style wedding for only close friends and family, it gives guests a homey feel with lots of Do-It-Yourself styled decorations. This is a perfect option for those who want a more laid-back feel at inexpensive prices.

Gatsby Extravagance

Think: Pearls, Short Dresses, Ivory, Veils, Classic Cars, Stringed Instruments, and Champagne

If you find yourself with extra money on your hands and are ready to throw the wedding of the century, Gatsby-style is the way to go. Take a page out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, and make the start of your marriage an event that will never be forgotten. Complete with fireworks, fountains, and flapper dresses for the bridesmaids, you’ll be looking all sorts of classy on the rolling lawns of an estate or in the ballroom of a swanky resort.

Clean & Modern

Think: Black and White, A-Line Dresses, Glass, Tapas Plates, and City Views

Into the big city living and want to show off your modern flare in your wedding? Why not book a banquet hall at the top of a skyscraper, giving your reception an awe-inspiring panorama? Between the beauty of the bride and the scenery, the rest of the hall is understated and filled with simple, clean lines, leaving the focus exactly where it should be. Make it a black tie affair, with everyone dressed to the nines in classic, refined attire.

Back To Nature

Think: Flower Headdresses, Flowing Dresses, Parks and Gardens, and Ivy Trellises

As a nature lover, there is no better place to say your vows than in the bright sunlight, surrounded by vibrant greenery and aromatic wild flowers. With craved wood benches, shaded dirt paths, and the serenity of the outdoors, you and your guests will feel relaxed and tranquil amongst the foliage.

Let’s Get Nerdy

Think: Star Wars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Zelda, Superman, and Lord of the Rings

Did you and your soon-to-be spouse meet at a gaming convention? Do you share a favorite movie? Do you go crazy over that one book? If it’s meaningful to the both of you, you can make it a theme at your wedding. Show the guests your inner geek with a Super Mario cake, Star Trek Wedding Rings, and Comic Book invitations. No doubt whatever nerdy theme you come up with, your guests will be smiling and laughing about it for years to come.

50’s Pin-Up

Think: Vibrant Colors, Bold Make Up, Mad Men Tuxedos, Bows, and Cocktails

Love the look from yesteryear? Make your big day pop by taking it back a few decades. With brazen red lipstick, daring eye liner, and a dress that shows off your hourglass figure, it looks like you could have come right out of the show Mad Men. And an open bar is a must, as are fun and funky cocktails to keep the whole reception partying late into the evening.

Every Girl’s A Princess

Think: Ballgowns, Silk, Roses, Jewels, Tiaras, and Carriages

Most girls grew up wanting to be a Disney princess, so why not make it a reality on your wedding day? If you’re about to say “I Do” to Prince Charming, why not look like royalty yourself? With everyone decked out in their best gems and jewels and with place settings of gold, it’s fairy tale come true. The high archways, stained glass, and old, polished stone of a cathedral is a classic and elegant place to start your happily ever after. And don’t forget to ride your carriage off into the sunset!

Tropical Paradise

Think: The Beach, Pastels, Candles, Canopies, Shells, and Going Barefoot

Escape the stress and hassles of every day life and begin anew with the love of your life. The sound of waves crashing on the beach, the warm breeze, and the sand between your toes, eliminates almost any pre-wedding jitters you might have. You don’t even have to wait for the honeymoon to travel to paradise; let you guests enjoy the same scenery and relaxation away from the world as you!