What should you register for? Start with things youwedding gifts‘ll need for everyday, special occasions, and holidays. Start in one room of the house such as the kitchen or dining room, and move on to other rooms in your home (bathroom, bedroom, living room, guest room, garage, garden, etc.). Register in a variety of price ranges from the college budget to larger group gifts to accommodate all your guests. Discussing the decorating plans and color themes in advance will make the registry process much easier and more enjoyable.

Registry is not just for the bride to decide. National registries report that about 70% of the registry is done by the couple together. Many brides are surprised at the attention to detail and craftsmanship that their grooms will contribute to the selection process. Grooms will also find sections on the registry forms for the tools and toys they’d like to receive for the new household.

When you are ready to register, be sure to schedule an appointment with the registry department. The advice and guidance of a professional can eliminate a lot of guesswork, save you time, and prevent you from having to retrace steps later to retrieve forgotten information or serial numbers.

How do you let people know where you are registered, and that by registering, you have indicated your preference of gifts? Discreetly! Do NOT list your registry on an invitation. Let family and friends spread the word for you. As gifts start arriving, it is a good idea to update the store registry on gifts received, to help prevent duplication.

Registry can be utilized for the wedding and shower alike, not only for the bride but also for the groom. Why should the bride have all the fun of a shower? A tool party for the groom can be part of a crafty best mans planning for the bachelor party.

With the growing numbers of second marriages, older brides and grooms, and brides and grooms living on their own with established households before marrying, registering at specialty shops such as hardware, music, gardening stores or art galleries is becoming more common practice. With the craftsmanship and artistry available in Northern Michigan, bridal couples should take advantage of the art that abounds.

If a favorite store or gallery doesnt offer a registry, you might ask family and friends to also suggest a gift certificate at a certain retailer when providing registry information.